Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Good Eggs

Good Eggs: A Novel  Good Eggs by Rebecca Hardiman

If ever there was a story to smile through, it's Good Eggs.  You can't help but be charmed by and root for Millie, the 83 year-old mother and grandmother who is just this side of dotty.   She shoplifts and gets caught and asks only to be paid some attention.  After the last shoplifting episode, her son, Kevin, finds a house helper for her.  Sylvia is a charm and Millie is finally taken care of, befriended and out of Kevin's hair.  Not so fast.  The madcap is only just beginning.  You see it coming.  You even say out loud while reading, "No, Millie! Don't!" But she does and you shake your head while she gets herself out of her fix.  

And she does, too.  Because Millie might be 83 but she does know what's right, how to fight for it and yes, win in the end.  No quest is too large, no possibility out of the question.  

You will smile at her reasoning, laugh the image of  her trying to crawl into the window of her burnt out apartment, and wonder if you could do that yourself (nope.)  Her son and his family are maybe more normal that I remember chaos being, but living now quietly I can only hope they survive themselves and Millie. 

Oh, reading this was like watching the movie play out in my head and imagining Dame Judy Dench playing Millie.  Feisty, full of life, proving age doesn't mean you don't still have it.  If you are looking for something to lift you out of this virus encrusted life, read this.

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