Saturday, July 31, 2010

Years ago and snappy trucks

I am SO discombobulated on the Snappyfriends challenges. The timeline has changed to every two weeks so I got completely turned around and lost track. I posted my version of a clock a couple of weeks ago and it isn't on the list for another two weeks! Anyway, we went to the farmer's market this morning and there were PLENTY of trucks (this week's challenge) backed up to stalls spilling out with everything from dogs and peaches to flowers and stepping stones. This was the prettiest, by far.

Years ago I took a quilting class and this was our lesson. We learned what to do and how to do it. Piecing, curves, points, measuring. This was the class that I took to prove to myself I would not like quilting. Turned out the last laugh was on me. I loved every part of the process, but I never finished it! The quilting is about half finished and I pulled it out of the drawer to finish it now. Enough waiting! I can't even remember which year this was!

Years ago, Friend Marilyn and I shared this gingerbread man pattern and I had so much fun making the little guys I got carried away and made lots. But again, I never finished quilting them and so I pulled THIS one out of the drawer and am actively finishing it. They were cute and smily with their belly buttons. It's funny how our taste changes as time goes by. I still have a lot of these browns in the scrap stash and as I use them I think "Oh, this was a gingerbread man!" So, little guys, you are going to see the light of day for real.

Years ago, I collected pink fat quarters and then pale blue fat quarters to make a pink and white quilt. Then a blue and white quilt. When the box got to be two boxes I pulled them out a couple of years ago to just cut them into squares then triangles and put them back together willy nilly miss matched to make a soft pinky/bluey quilt top. A "utility" quilt, Patient Husband's aunt would say. It's very soft and pretty and I took IT out of the drawer, and sewed those triangles and squares together on the back porch the other day. I dug around for pink for sashing. It's pretty. Nothing special, a simple "utility" quilt.

So, I decided that instead of starting something new, I'm going to finish something old. SomethingS. Christine is still waiting for me.

Monday, July 26, 2010

what color are a praying mantis' eyes?

We had a perfectly lovely weekend!
After that rainy start Saturday at the farmer's market the sun came out and the girls came down for the day and it became a perfect beach day. Adelaide crawled straight for the water - there was no keeping her out. The size of the waves only made it that much more inviting.

Sunday was one of those days you would order from a store. Crisp, clear blue sky, no humidity, temperature about 80, windows open, air conditioner off. A great day to sit on the porch and work on the placemat for the retreat house we will be visiting in October. We're all making a placemat as a house gift. The blue bird fabric on top and the sketch in the middle are the parts we all received. The rest was up to us. I chose to quilt the design in the center with various colors thread and make a jaunty border for the bottom. Not exactly quite what I planned, but close. Today I put the binding on and it's finished.
After a few weeks of staring at the garden loom, waiting to be inspired, not happy with yarn weaving (too small) or fabric (no room for creative ideas) I decided to cut grapevines from the wild grapevines growing all over the place. I wove the vines - some thick, some thin - through with large enough space between to leave the opportunity for embellishment. I made sure the tendrils hung out so things can be attached to them as they dry. I also wove through some of the grapes attached to the vines. Then stuck a couple of pears on for good measure while I continue to think. I like the grapevines. They solve a big problem, leave lots of room to tuck interesting things into spaces.
It's interesting, this thing is quite large 8 feet tall by 4 feet wide and yet people who come to the house and walk right past it don't even notice it! It makes me feel like it really belongs. My mom always said, "if you don't notice it, then it's right." We had some neighbors over for dinner last week and as they were leaving we pointed it out to them! This after walking past it twice!

Ok, yesterday while I was sitting on the back porch stitching on the placemat I noticed a praying mantis crawling up the screen. I got the camera and took a couple of shots. I decided to see how close I could get.
This close!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

farmer's market

It's a rainy, rainy day and I thought I'd be about the only one at the farmer's market this morning. The usual crowd wasn't there but more than I expected. Early, early apples are starting, peaches are coming on fast, but real tomatoes are still not ready. Green beans are in, yellow, too. Flowers are amazing but no sunflowers yet.

I don't know how old the peach man is, and he usually has just a few baskets to sell, but he sure knows his peaches! If I want just a couple to hold me till I get to an orchard and pick them myself, I go to him. He can tell you anything you want to know about peaches.

I always maintain the only way to buy corn is from the back of a truck. That's my loaded string bag on the far left.

Isn't she cute? She's waiting for customers and using her time wisely! This is a girl after my own heart!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Clocks, berries and friends

When our kids were this little (and littler) every night Patient Husband would take them for a walk after supper. Old habits die hard. It's the grandkids' turn to take evening walks with Grandpa.

We've been so busy lately with friendly visits and babysitting and berry picking I haven't been to blogland for awhile, and it was almost a disaster because I had a hard time remembering my password!

We were all picking and snacking as we filled our buckets, even Adelaide. She got tired of that stroller but as long as we parked her next to a bush with berries at her fingertips she was happy.

Such a serious face for a serious job! Don't you love her braids? Her daddy is reading Pippi Longstocking to her and she was fascinated with the braids Pippi wears so she wanted them, too.

We picked just enough for a pie and eating. The jam will come another time.

My good friends from the city came for a couple of days visit. It was great seeing them after all these weeks off school. We talked and ate and ate and talked, schlepped through some of the shops in town and then took a long walk from town to the end of the pier. This morning we ate breakfast till noon, talking, talking, talking then walked the beach. It was great. A couple of relaxing, friend filled days.
Now then, there 's something you need to know about me. I tend to do things differently. If I can find a twist, I'll take it. Sometimes it's by design, sometimes it's a flash of genius ( ! ) and sometimes it's just a happenstance. Since our friends at Snappyfriends decided to do every other week assignments I've lost track and touch with what's due when. I'm having a harder time remembering the assignment! I know "clock" is in there soon. Maybe this week? Anyway,while my friends Pat, Judy and Karen were here for a visit we walked the pier. As we reached the end there was the tall ship that lives here, right there, out just past us in the lake! I stopped to take a picture and here zoomed into the shot, a jetski. Immediately I thought CLOCK!
Where's the clock? Well, clocks tell time and this is a perfectly wonderfully quirky representation of the passing of time, a replica of a tall ship that participated in the War of 1812 and a jetski! So, sorry, Snappyfriends, if this is just too weird but I thought it was pretty good!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Reunion and Snappyfriends young

We were at a family reunion over the weekend and saw Charlie! The kids played ball and tag and soccer and ate brownies. It was great. At the end of the day Charlie was saying good-bye to Adelaide and couldn't resist a little pat on the head. He is going to be a very good big brother.

I love this!

I may have missed the week of Snappyfriends challenge young but I have lots of excuses starting with way last week when the 4th of July holiday started. We had family here for picnic and beach, Patient Husband's brother and sister-in-law, the grand-daughters for babysitting, a family reunion anda birthday party...all in one week. It was fun and that's what summer is for, right? But I didn't give much thought to something young. Embryonic green beans? Boring! Then while we were walking to a river festival to see how my daughter was doing with selling and signing her book, I saw Elizabeth's mode of transportation and thought, "yes, only a young daddy could carry a young lady for blocks like that!"

Searched the house. Every bookshelf - and there are lots of them - but I could not find my copy of To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. So on the way to the city to the birthday party we stopped at a bookstore and I bought another copy. I had it on the list, along with A Tree Grows in Brooklyn for this summer and just assumed I'd find it. I'm a little panicky that the summer is sliding by and I'm not getting much reading done. There is just so little time!

Quilting? What's that!??!! I started this blog to connect with quilt friends and I have to hide my head in the sand for lack of things to show or talk about. Putting a stitch in here or there doesn't count. There are no real results. I'm working slowly on a placemat for a retreat house we are going to this fall, and another square for Elizabeth's big girl bed, a combined project with Friend Marilyn. But real show and tell tangible finished projects? Not a one! Besides, you know, it's summer here and hot and it stays light till almost 10 p.m. and we have long winters for staying inside. I like to be outdoors while I can.