Friday, March 19, 2021

Buried Treasure

 It was a bright, sunny, blue sky day today so we took a ride to Lake Michigan to see the l882 shipwreck of the Comfort  that's reappeared.  For decades it was covered with sand but the high lake level the past years has washed the sand off and now revealed a buried treasure.

It's just right there, as you walk along the approach to the pier and the dune gives way to the beach and lake, it's just right there like a whale skeleton.

They ask that people resist the urge to take a nail or a splinter of the wood as souvenir and I hope people listen to that plea though in this day and age, I doubt they will.

There were maybe ten people there, all helping each other take pictures of each other and stepping out of the way when we wanted a particular angle to our own.  Kind of like Senior Citizen Day at the beach.
It sure was a pretty day on Lake Michigan. Chilly but so pretty.
On the way home we stopped for ice cream at Norm's.  A single serving was about a pint in size.


  1. What great photos of you guys. It still amazes me that lake Michigan looks so like it could be the seaside.

  2. Interesting treasure to visit...
    Boy that sure is a huge ice cream 🍦

  3. wow what a treasure to see again........people are so disrespectful to things at times....I do hope they leave it alone........otherwise I wish for heaps of sand to cover it again fast