Friday, December 28, 2012

New year, new palette

    No, I'm not color blind.  I didn't pick these from my stash at midnight with only the light of the full moon to guide my choices.   A group of 12 friends meet every October for a 4 day quilt retreat and this year we were given a challenge to complete by our next October weekend.   Each of us chose a focus fabric, cut 12 pieces into fat eights and Janet combined them and distributed them to all of us.  Yes, there are only 10.  I'm getting to the bottom of that one, but until then, we use each person's focus fabric along with others (hopefully from our stashes) to make a finished 12 1/2 inch block for her.  We can do anything we want as long as the person's fabric is a part of it and it finishes at 12.5 inches.  
   Some had restrictions on what they don't want.  Val wanted neutrals for her piece (top just to the left black/gray).  Janet chose to give four pieces of her black/white/red combo.  Barb gave bits of Christmas fabric (bottom right).  Friend Marilyn's is the brown just on top of Barb's.  Sister-in-law Joyce's is on top of Marilyn's.  Mine is the off white with summer fruits at the top. 
    I spent some time digging through my stash last night playing the toss game.  You know, toss this one and that one on top of the focus and see if it works.   I have to get my color wheel out for a couple of them. 
    So, once I finish raising the barn I will start playing with patterns and fabrics and see how this goes.  I'm waaayyyyy out of my comfort zone on some of these.
    Now, I have a barn to raise and a whole day free to do it.  So, off to the pile of DVD's and my Ott light and I'm going to put a roof on a barn, stitch a dog down, embroider some beaks and by the end of TODAY I will have that barn put together. 

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  1. That sounds like sooo much fun! So I'm assuming once you get your 12.5" squares back from all the girls you'll make a quilt for yourself with them? Can't wait to see this fall : )