Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas book 5

 I hope I don't get into trouble by featuring some of the illustrations from this book.  I do it with the best of intentions because they are so charming.   The text in this book is the story of the Nativity according to Luke. But the pictures are all Julie Vivas.  We tend to think of Mary and Joseph as otherworldly. Not bothered by the business of  daily living a real life. But she chose to illustrate this story as it really must have been. No Renaissance artist representation here!  Just remember, Mary was 8-9 months pregnant.  Do you remember what YOU looked like?  How you felt?
 Mary is hanging the laundry when the Angel comes to visit. Of COURSE she had laundry to do!
 The Angel (wearing hiking boots) is telling Mary the news. Over coffee.
 Mary runs to tell Joseph..."Guess what!!!"  And as time goes on, her tummy grows. Of COURSE her tummy grows!
  There's been a decree. It's time to go. We have to go to Bethlehem. Can YOU imagine what you would have looked like trying to get on a donkey  8-9 months pregnant?
 Finally!  Hooray! Can't you just imagine Joseph saying "Now, please! Hang on!"
  Bethlehem is packed.  In the lower right corner you can see Mary and Joseph wondering what to do next.

This book won my heart the minute I saw it and I thank Julie Vivas for shaking our comfort tree a little and reminding us what it must have really been like.

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