Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas 8

Every year I read this to the kids at school.  I tell them it's a story without an ending...and that gets their attention.  Santa is finished.  He gets home tired and puts his pjs on and gets into bed. One of his reindeer has a cold.  Santa just settles in bed and notices he still have ONE gift in his bag.  It's for Harvey Slumfenburger who lives at the top of the roly, poly mountain which is far, far away.  He can't take his reindeer so he sets out on foot asking for transportation help as he goes.  It's a long journey to the top of the roly poly mountain and he has many mishaps along the way.  But finally, he leaves the gift for Harvey Slumfenburger...and there's a question at the end. A question that drives the kids crazy. 

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