Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas 12

 Believe it or not, somewhere under all that Christmas decoration is a house.  It all started with a single strand of white lights.  Before we know it, Father is possessed by the Christmas spirit.  But his extravaganza takes over everything and there are consequences...even at Christmas.  I read this every single year without fail to the kids at school.  They absolutely love the ending.

OK, here it is as I work on it. The next thing to get sewn down is the sunflower on the chicken coop side.  Then there's a grass panel for the bottom with duck pond and a dog and bunny.....phew!  Looking at it from this angle it looks like it's coming along but I know those elements left will take a full week of work if I can give it some time every night.  There are also embroidery details to the tail on the cow and pigs, beaks on the chicken and owl, feet on the crows.  But December is creeping along, isn't it?   Last night I baked the few cookies I'm going to do for the kids when they come.  Now I have to concentrate on making up the beds for them, getting groceries organized, dusting...I fear I won't get back to this before Christmas and thus missed my deadline. 

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