Friday, May 17, 2024

No Sewing

 We were on a bit of a road trip for our anniversary a week ago and plan another outing next week so I haven't been all.  I even told PH last night "I haven't quilted since I came back from retereat!" The little hexie car project didn't follow me into the house and the quilt I was working on at retreat is folded up in its basket.  I can guarantee it won't be finished for this month's Chookshed Challenge.  I have, though, been catching up on reading blog posts I missed while gone.  And my last and all caught up Blog2Print book came.  Now to find a new place for this wonderful and sadly missed service.

The elementary school kids come to our museum for various programs to learn about local history.  This week and next the second graders come for an hour visit to have a quick overview of how things were then and now. We are in the fur trader post and I am demonstrating what a powder horn is used for.  I've never touched a gun or rifle in my life but I'm showing them here how to load gunpowder from the horn to the flintlock.  The purpose was to explain what the powder horn (the horn from a steer) was.  During January-March all third graders come for a full two school days.  First graders come for a quick walk through starting next week. 
When I got home, it being a gorgeous day, I went to the rhubarb lady a few miles up the road, cut 6 pounds, came home and made a crisp for us and a pie for my brother. 

But no sewing. The weather is too nice to be inside so everyday for as long as I can I'm outside on the porch reading. 


  1. Sometimes we get busy and the beautiful box of hexies has to wait.
    What fun having the kids visit your museum to learn some history.
    Enjoy your book on the porch.

  2. I love history. Is the museum your own, personal one, or do you just volunteer at one?
    I need a book on the porch afternoon especially since I came home from the library with several today.

  3. No sewing but sounds like your days are very full.........