Monday, May 20, 2024

Mid-month Accountability

                      Well, it's accountability time.  We need to do a mid-month check in on the 

I have to say I haven't worked on my monthly project number 5 since I came home from retreat at the end of April.  We were gone for the first ten days of May, then when we got home we had evening plans every night.  Night is my time to work on quilting.  Now we are prepping for another excursion and balancing more evening events.  May is a very busy month, it always is.  I have always said May is busier than December.   Excuses, excuses.


Getting this quilted was my number five, I showed it at the beginning of the month and really thought I would get this finished but it's not to be. And last night, because we are supposed to be accountable and show our progress, I pulled it out of the basket and worked a little more. I finished one more row. 

                  I'm big stitch quilting it. I like big stitching.  So, this is my progress, mid-month.  


  1. I love big stitch quilting too, it's so relaxing. I've finished 1/2 of the quilt I'm working on with regular hand quilting. I like the way it looks but I'm already planning big stitch in the next quilt.

  2. Some progress is much better than no progress....and life needs to come first.

  3. Finishing one more row is still progress. All those evening activities and getting out were probably more fun anyway. May is a busy time. I definitely got less done.

  4. you probably have it finished now I am so far behind..........BUT its so pretty and your stitches are beautiful............