Saturday, July 4, 2020

4th of July

This year the 4th of July commemoration is different, just like everything else has been this year.  It's the first time in 23 years PH and I haven't either hosted a houseful or been to a picnic.  It's ideal very hot beach weather but we aren't going to join the throngs of maskless people jamming the beaches here.  I suppose that's our choice and so can't complain about doing "nothing" today.

There are other things, though.  As I said, the weather is extremely hot.  Hot enough that we turned on the air conditioner (something we don't do unless the temperature reaches 90 degrees.)  If the air conditioner is on it's time to hibernate a little. 

Yankee Doodle Dandy (1942 poster).jpg

Every year this is my movie for the 4th.  I watch it every year and have for many, many years.  Kind of like every year making a tradition of watching "A Wonderful Life" at Christmas or "The Ten Commandments" at Easter.  I don't let the calendar flip to July 5 without without watching Yankee Doodle Dandy. 

I don't know if you had access to Hamilton on Disney+  Friday.  We didn't.  Our cable network wouldn't carry Disney+ so when it was time, I went down the street to watch it with Elizabeth. 

She pretty much has it memorized.  She mouthed the lyrics because I asked her not to say them aloud along with the cast and distract me from listening very closely so I could understand it. colonial history in rap wasn't as bad as I thought it would be because I've listened to the soundtrack over and over before Friday. Luckily she's listened to the sound track so much and so long and all day and all night she coached me through the details of who's who before the showing.  It's embarrassing what I don't know about our early history.  Yikes.  But she knows. 

Gettysburg (1993) - Rotten Tomatoes
 We didn't host a gathering, we didn't picnic, we didn't go to the beach but we did watch this.  PH is reading the book for the umpteenth time and we thought if we were stuck inside on this very hot day we would put a 4 hour movie on and settle in. 

So.  That's our 4th of July.  Different, but so has everything else been this year.  Not bad, just different. 


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  2. This year is the year of much that is different, am so looking forward to better times ahead.

  3. It is super hot here too and the swamp cooler is working hard! I think you were wise to stay in for the holiday.

  4. Absolutely the most different year. Here is not over yet but I don't know if it will be until we get a good vaccination.