Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Summer afternoon

The food is starting to come in and this morning PH and I went foraging at farm stands for the first of the firsts of the season:  black raspberries for a January pie, lettuces, cucumber, the very first local corn, which, like Michigan strawberries, is something we wait all year for,  green beans, and oh, my, the very first tomatoes.  It was a good haul and we'll be eating well for the next few days.

We had just gotten home when Elizabeth walked over with her friend.  They had their hammocks with them and declared they were going to string them and spend some time in them. 

They convinced me you don't have to pound a hook into the tree, those little black straps would do the trick.

 Then it was time for tricks.  The cocoon.  I knew if I tried it I'd land flat on my face all bloody and  scarred.

 Finally, it was time to while away the afternoon in a hammock in the shade.  I remember those kind of days! 
Me?  I was on the porch reading, enjoying my own kind of summer afternoon.

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  1. I loved Michigan in the fall but i think i would love the summer as well, It looks so green.