Thursday, July 16, 2020

Food For the Soul

Honestly, for someone who is doing practically nothing, it's now another couple of weeks since I've posted anything. Somehow the time does pass.  I am really reluctant to be inside while our weather is warm and even if it means just sitting on the back patio watching the birds it means I'm not inside or near a computer.  And another day slips by.

In the past week we've had more activity than we've had in months.  Our daughter and husband bought a little cottage a couple of hours north of here.  Last week we went for a sleepover.
 the cottage comes in two parts on a lot of land
 This is the girls' sleeping room.  It's a separate building big enough for them
and decorated by them.  Isn't it cute!
 Adelaide told me the outhouse was decorated beautifully and "even has a chandelier, Grandma!" Well, I thought.  A beautiful outhouse?  That's going to have to be some decorating job.  Turns out she was right!  The previous owner added her artistic touch to many things around the place but this, well...

We planned a meeting of the retreat group in a park on a lake in the sunshine and separated socially.
Only five of us felt safe even under these conditions but I'm so glad I went.  The weather was perfect, the company was perfect, the setting was perfect and honestly, I sang along with the radio all the way home.  Talk about food for the soul.
 Barb has been very, very busy during our confinement.  This is the basket project we are all supposed to be working on for fall retreat, which we just cancelled.  She also did two absolutely stunning applique album quilts.  One of them studied by Jan and Nancy below. It's an original design, as are most of Barb's quilts.

Joyce is a phenomenal knitter.  This shawl/scarf is one of her creations.

So, a little activity with our people that felt so good, and so normal for a little while.


  1. The girls sleeping room looks like fun. Some beautiful quilts to admire. And a lovely scarf too.

  2. You could feel like the queen in that outhouse!! Great that you had a catchup with friends, as a lot of things are not like they were.

  3. The girls room looks lovely and an interesting loo...
    Sew nice to meet up with friends and nice show and tell.