Thursday, August 24, 2017

Know thyself

I got an email from Friends Marge and Harry yesterday telling me of a garage sale nearby and they listed quilts and sewing supplies in the ad.   I'm never one of those people lucky enough to go to sales and find quilts for $2. but I hoped.

Oh, if I had the money and the time!  This was a real test in knowing myself.  I had in my hands several finished blocks that were about 12 x 12 inches.  I had in my hand a zip bag with grandmother's flower garden blocks all finished, they just needed to be connected.  I had in my hand  a half of a dresden plate quilt top. I had in my hand a pink and white partially pieced quilt top.  And then I saw this finished tulip top.  I truly had to sit myself down and talk to myself. 

"OK, Denice.  You have projects calling to you.  Some of the fabrics are old and brittle.  You can frame the single 12 x 12's....but WILL you?"

"The grandmother's flower garden blocks are beautiful and old and very brittle.  Would they withstand you handling them to put them together?  Will they survive?"

" That dresden plate is very brittle and yellowed. Put it back."

"That pink and white is cute and would be very nice but it's v e r y frayed.  You can't put it together. Put it back."

But then, there was this.  This is completely hand pieced and appliqued.  Even the squares are hand stitched together.  It's in very nice shape.  It isn't brittle, it's quite soft.  You can see there is some yellowing but it's not bad and it's not dark, it actually shows up darker in this picture than it really is.

It's definitely from the 1930's, a time in our history that was rough on everyone but fascinates me. I decided on this one coming home with me.  No, it wasn't $2. It was $20 and I decided there is definitely $20 of finished work done.
 It's quite large, there are two rows hanging to the back so the bottom wouldn't get wet in this morning's dewy grass.
 Each piece is hand stitched and the colors are definitely the 1930's.  That green is a dead giveaway.

 Each flower and petal is embroidered for effect.  Very nicely done.

 I think I had a good talk with myself, I had to know myself enough to be smart about what I actually brought home and put on my pile of  projects and I think I did well.  This truly is a beauty!


  1. Simply incredible! It's gotta be valued at more than $20, right?! So pretty :)

  2. You are one strong woman there! You did well though bringing home such a beauty, someone has put thought into this quilt and it lives on now you have bought it into your home.
    I am not always able to be sensible but sometimes I try. 😉

  3. That quilt is beautiful. I love applique.

  4. well done...if it was me I probably would of bought them all!
    the tulip quilt is lovely!

  5. It is a lovely thing. I am sure you will finish it and turn it into an even more beautiful piece.

  6. Good choice Denice! It's so you. You will make it sing!!!