Monday, October 2, 2023

Retreat part 1

We had our quilt retreat this past weekend.  We don't have large group retreats, we are a small group and a cohesive unit by now.  We've all been together retreating for almost 15 years at this gorgeous Inn ( and for more years at a different place ) and are treated like royalty by the innkeepers now friends. Of course it's their job, this is what they do for anyone who hires their Inn but we know, we know. (wink wink)

Again, we were blessed with gorgeous weather and Lisa and Joyce took a 2 mile walk everyday.  I am at the moment incapacitated so couldn't walk my route into the woods and fields.  
I took my new 120 year old crank machine and Sally tried it out by putting a border on the top she was working on.  
She was so impressed she teased about driving the 12 hours up north today to buy one.  Seriously, she is planning take a trip north next summer with a friend and their destination is just past the shop so I told her I DARED her to come home without one, to take her credit card and leave room in the car.  She is convinced. 

We have two high achievers. 
Sally had this pile of itty bitty pieces blocks she was working on.  Sally is the one who works in itsy bitsy blocks and loves it.  It's her thing.  
I walked by her table and took a photo and asked what she was working on.
This is the pattern.  When I looked at this I asked, "Are you CRAZY??"  There must be a hundred billion of these little blocks, they are ALL itsy bitsy blocks and I can't even imagine it.  But she will have it done by spring retreat, I'm sure and it will be stunning.

Then there's Jan. Like Sally, she is also a stickler for perfection - me? not so much.  I'm ok with a mistake, a cut off point, but not Jan and Sally.  
I walked past this table Jan was using to keep her brain and pieces organized. 
Everything was numbered, sticky noted, etc.  A very mean person would have switched some of these labels when she wasn't looking.  Thank goodness none of us is mean!  

She said she wanted a challenge and this is what she chose.  Again, I know my limitations. She worked her little fingers to the bone all weekend because she wants it done by Christmas! Done, done, like in quilted, too.  

So, that's a taste.  I'll post some show and tell next post just to break it up a bit. 


  1. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog. Yes, Anna and her husband did come all the way from Indiana to cat sit for us... though they did then go off round Scotland afterwards! Slightly mad... but she's really lovely. We've met several times since then, since she keeps coming back to Scotland. And yes, that Zephyr quilt looks quite a challenge!

  2. Wow! Those ladies like tiny blocks, both are stunning patterns. Lovely front garden at your retreat place.

  3. We all have a Jan and Sally in our group....Our Sally (Jeanette) would LOVE that pattern with all those tinnie winnie itsy bity pieces and our Jan ( Jenny) is very particular and precise. Me I'm like you, just get it together,,,

  4. Jan is very keen with her little pieces not for me.

  5. Love those little itty bitty blocks, but it is NOT on my bucket list to do one!!