Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Pea Pickin'

 It's time for peas.  I don't eat them.  PH does and a few years ago we found a place that grows and sells them from a little stand in their driveway.  This year we thought we were going to miss them. The word has gotten out about this place and these peas and they are going fast.   But Sunday I got the word. "We have peas!!  We will open at 10:30!" So  we got in the car and headed out.

We  watched as the washed peas were scooped into bags and sold as fast as they could be scooped. Cars constantly coming in and out.
I wandered around the back of the shack and found the owner/farmer washing the peas.  He said that the day before they sold this black horse trough full of peas (full to the very brim) in 56 minutes. Notice there are two of these troughs there. 
The peas are double washed, stirred with kayak paddles, and sold faster than they can manage.  The owner/farmer told me they have people from all over Michigan, a man drove over from the lakeshore in his Mercedes for a bag of peas, they had people from Indiana and Kentucky!  For peas?  Really?  Who in Kentucky says to spouse, "Let's drive 12 hours for a bag of peas???"
Lucky for us, it was just a 20 minute drive but considering how fast they were selling, that can be too far!  PH bought  6 quarts.   I was advised to wash them again and put them in the freezer but they keep very nicely for a couple of days if you just cover them in water.


  1. thats so funny . i hope enjoy them

  2. I can't imagine people driving that far for peas?? They must taste really good.

  3. REALLY driving for miles for peas!!!! must be nice ones.....

  4. I'm a bit behind in my blog reading ...Im missing all the food goodies and it's just making me jealous. Never seen peas sold like this