Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Churn, churn, churn

 Churnin' right along with  Chooky's churn dash SAL I've completed the squares and put them together. I decided on the row look rather than the on-point look. 

I like it, it's subtle. Blues, centers with reds, surrounded by soft green and sashed with a quiet blue stripe.
But now I think it needs a  border. So I'm stuck at least for awhile till I think it out. What do you think? Border?



  1. Nice job getting ahead and having this all assembles already!
    I might be tempted to border it. Your churn dash colors are bold, and everything surrounding them is softer. You could just give it a bold binding and call it good, but maybe just a small border about the same width as the sashing in one of those strong colors would corral everything and tie in with the bold center blocks. But it looks great as is, too! How is that for helpfulness? LOL

  2. Love the variety of center fabrics. It gives the quilt movement as one scans each center individually. Adds so much interest!

  3. it looks great Denice your making great progress...........

  4. Your churn dashes look wonderful, you have made it really quickly. I would add a border.