Wednesday, December 1, 2021


 We were able to have our real Thanksgiving this year even though covid was the elephant in the room. None of us was infected but so very many of the people we know are.

I love going back in time to see the obligatory pictures of the kids each year.  It's incredible how much they change in just one year.  One day at a time, that's all it takes.
Our daughter cooks our holiday meal, she loves it and does an amazing job.  This year she printed out the research she has done on PH's family.  She's gone back to the earliest people who came here from England.  Each of us got one person from the ancestor family at our seat and then she printed out the whole thing for each family to take home.  One of the ancestors, a man, was hanged as a witch for "not having the fear of God before your eyes."  His wife, too, was convicted of the same and met the same fate.  It didn't take much back then.

But we, today, celebrated being together, the 11 of us and our little T-Rex meat eater wants his meat on a bone.


Covid is running rampant in Michigan right now. The hospitals are over run worse than when this thing was at its peak a year ago.  95% of the people who are in the hospitals are NOT vaccinated and so here we all are, prisoners to this thing still (but don't get me started on this.)  It's seeping everywhere, like smoke, and the smart people are vaccinated, boostered and always masked.  Always.  The library people are conscientious and believers in this insipid life changer so I agreed to help assemble the library's Christmas tree the other day.  There were just a very few of us and you can see masks.                         

There hasn't been much quilting mojo going on.  I've been shopping online and baking a little but not much.   But I did prep two projects from the same book.

This table runner struck me when I saw it in a book ages ago.  Here it's painted on canvas but you all know you can take anything and make a quilting pattern out of it.  So I did. There will be two of them. One for daughter and one for daughter-in-law.  I obviously missed this year's fall season so will give it to them for next year.  I also changed it by not adding some things - like as many leaves. I liked the less is more look to it.

This one is for daughter-in-law, the color doesn't show true but the background is black with teeny pink and red roses.  Teeny. 
This is where I am on daughter's. And this is as far as I am with it.  

Some of the small pieces from previous posts are now quilted and some are still waiting. 



  1. Lovely to read the family could gather for Thanksgiving, not so good to hear that the virus is rampant again Denice. We have had a couple of cases of the new strain here, hopefully being vaccinated will keep us ok. Nice to see the tree at the library. your table runners look wonderful.

  2. I am happy that you could gather your family. Our youngest son was staying with us for the holiday and the night before the big day he got word from a friend that he had been exposed to COVID. So our family celebration was cancelled. It was just the three of us.
    I love what your daughter did with your hubby's family history. Very cool!
    Over our dinner table we talked about the ancestors who came over on the Mayflower, and those who were already here. I have a few Native American 10th and 11th grandparents.
    Just got my COVID booster yesterday--the soonest I was allowed. Went to an open house tonight and was the only masked individual there when I arrived. There were 4 others when I left--that is among about 50 people. Don't get me started.
    Love what you have done with the table runners!

  3. Glad you could all get together for Thanksgiving...looks like it was a very happy family gathering.
    Love the runners you are making, so pretty and I'm sure the girls will love them too.

  4. Pleased you were able to have a lovely thanksgiving together this year….
    Sorry to read the virus is so bad were you live…
    Great work on the table runner…..

  5. Your table runners are lovely. The one with the black background is so dynamic. It will be fun to see what colors you choose for the lighter background.I remember that pattern from one of the Blackbird Designs book. (I love Blackbird Designs)

  6. Glad your family could gather for thanksgiving, sorry that covid is rampant