Saturday, April 17, 2021

Big Week

 What a week!  We haven't had this much activity in months.  Really. Twelve Months.  All fully vaccinated, we safely saw friends on Tuesday evening and on Thursday evening, and Friday morning Friend Laurie was here and it was SO very nice to talk face to face again.  We got so accustomed to doing nothing, we forgot how nice something is.

Then on Friday evening our Adelaide was in the town play (four parts, mind you) and we went opening night. She was in a squirrel costume and had the first spoken part in the play The Trial of Goldilocks. She was really good, if this grandma and grandpa say so themselves!  

       It was so sweet.  After the play her two besties since Kindergarten asked for her autograph!

And today our Charlie was playing a lacrosse game here, from all the way across the state.  Really. A two hour drive for them but an absolute treat for us!
 I joined a swap.  The little quilts are to be no bigger than 24 inches, no smaller than 12.  This is 18.  Civil War fabrics and pattern. This is the Carolina Lily but because I'm not very good at teeny pieces I did just one lily instead of the usual four.  I had this all packed and ready to go ( but thank goodness didn't seal the envelope yet ) when I realized I didn't take a photo for my files.  So, unwrap it, unfold it and snap! 

I need a nap. 


  1. LOL--you have been busy!
    I joined the swap for the first time, though I have watched it for years. I really like the colors of your Carolina Lily! Very pretty.
    I am still at the hand quilting stage of mine. We are visiting some family the end of next week and I hope to put mine in the mail before we leave.

  2. Beautiful mini quilt, lovely for you to catch up with friends and family.

  3. Beaut you enjoyed socialising with family and friends again after such a long twelve months.....
    Lovely mini for your swap....

  4. Plays are the best especially if someone you love is in them and ESPECIALLY after being on lockdown for a year. Glad you have been able to get out.