Thursday, January 3, 2019


There is a weaving studio in town called Ability Weavers.  Their mission is to provide a purpose for young adults with autism. They offer classes and today I took the girls to try their hand at weaving a rug for themselves.
 They first had to make some decisions on what colors and texture they wanted and then wind their shuttles.
 Elizabeth wanted a fuzzy rug and Adelaide wanted red.

 The looms were full size and some in the room were 100 years old.  Elizabeth  could sit but
 Adelaide needed to stand at hers.  Three hours standing and learning which petal to push and pulling on the "wapping arm"  made for a long day for her. 
There was no doubt they knew what they wanted to do, setting their patterns in their heads, counting rows, adding strings of fabric, it was very physical but they got in the groove and really did well.

 Unrolling their rug from the loom was a big accomplishment and they were applauded by everyone in the room.
 Cutting the strings was really the last straw.  The owner of the studio then set the ends in a hem for them.
The proud weavers!  They did these themselves!


  1. Well done girls,wow they did a fantastic job Denice and dont their rugs look awesome i am very impressed,think they take after their grandma xx

  2. Wow great job girls. You have some great opportunities there in your little part of the world. The rugs are beautiful. Congratulate them or me.

  3. well done girls, your rugs look fabulous!