Friday, January 20, 2017


    I don't use my blog for political purposes.  Politics is a touchy subject with people.  I never before felt like it filtered down far enough to my life to make a huge difference.  And I never felt like there was anything lil' ol' me could ever do to change the minds of those who DO make the decisions.  Politicians wipe their feet on people like me.
     But today I am profoundly and deeply affected.
     I handled today by declaring it a day of fasting.  There would be no television, newspaper, radio, Facebook strolling, nothing that would put the events of today in front of me. Nothing that would make me hear his voice, see his face or read his name in a headline. Nothing that would force me to accept what is happening to us, our country and our world.  Your world, too.
   Today would be a day where I ran and hid.  I left this morning and ran an errand or two, took myself and my book to lunch at Pot Belly's, bought a dark chocolate/almond/dried cherry candy bar and went to the movie theater to see LaLaLand. I knew a few things about that movie.  It was getting rave reviews from everywhere, there was a lot of singing and dancing, which would make me smile, and PH would have not enjoyed it. It would be a good choice for today. The reviews are right, it's wonderful and was the perfect choice.
    During the drive I continued listening to the audiobook I keep in the car.  The title is  Born a Crime by Trevor Noah and it's FANTASTIC.  If you don't listen to audiobooks then go to the library or bookstore and get the book.  It's a fascinating memoir look at apartheid in South Africa and even very funny.
    I just got home to a very quiet house.  Usually upon coming home I switch on the radio to NPR or the TV to reruns of Bones for background but today, right now, I'm listening to Roberta Flack while I tell you about my day of fasting and mourning.
    PH and I are going to forgo the inauguration dinner party at his brother's house tonight because I'm too much of a mess and he's supporting my decision to not go.  He just called and said to choose someplace for dinner tonight, his treat, so I don't have to be home during the evening newscasts and he won't be tempted to turn on the TV before the news is over for the night.  Thank you, PH.  When I hung up, I started to sob.  Tears are rolling down my cheeks and I type this with blurry eyes.  Good thing I know the keyboard.
     I have been profoundly, deeply affected by the outcome of this election because I just don't understand how someone so monstrous could be elected and we are supposed to look to this person as our leader and feel good in his hands, feel confident that smart decisions will be made. It - HE - makes my gag reflex work overtime and I live in fear for our lives.  Literally. 
    UPS just came and delivered my next book for review.  In a Different Key: The Story of Autism, something I want to know more about.  Maybe Roberta Flack wasn't the right choice.



  1. Everyone here was pretty shocked about it also. SO i guess we just hope and prey things don't go to wrong.

  2. I understand your need to hide from the world for a time. It is tough to try to comprehend and feel as if things are out of your control. I live in Melbourne and we have just had a major actrocity occur right in the heart of our city, a senseless act that I do not understand and is out of my control. I too refuse to wallow in the media and just digest and come to terms with things in my own way. Your PH is such a wonderful man staying by your side and letting you work through your feelings. I get the passion and the pain, you care so much for the office of President, you care for your country and you care for your countrymen. Time will heal a little, and as time passes, so you come closer to the time that he will leave that office.....stay warm and plugged into your music. Love your choices, and Bones is not a bad show to watch and let things settle. Just keep up some slow regular breathing and lots of rest. (((((((Hugs)))))))))

  3. Well-said, Denice, and I know others who are doing the same. Thank you for marching in Lansing today--you go, girls!