Sunday, January 29, 2017

Time to Celebrate!

Yesterday was my birthday and my family pulled out all the stops.  We started the day at Elizabeth's basketball game,  followed by lunch out with PH and then over to our daughter's house for cake.

 Elizabeth baked a birthday cake for me.  From scratch and by herself.

 Look at her concentration as she applied sprinkles.  No shaking a bottle over the top for her! She was going for design.
Yes, I licked!

Now, I knew the evening was going to include dinner out.  They just wouldn't tell me where.  I had a couple of clues (not in Grand Rapids and the place took reservations, not a common thing anymore)  and eventually in the afternoon I guessed, but of course, no one would confirm my guess.  Even the girls knew where and who but wouldn't say, no matter how I prodded.
 The big surprise was that our son and his family joined us (they live two hours away!)  Oh, my goodness, when the kids walked in and I saw them!!  What a stupendous and perfect surprise to be all together!!! I found out that Elizabeth was in on it from the beginning and she never said a word.  I think we can trust her with national security!
 These two just travel in their own little world.  We don't hear a peep out of them, they're too busy planning our destinies. Or theirs.  Who knows, but I think we could let them run the world.
 Next week our little Mike will be four!  His birthday is exactly a week after mine.  Two Aquarians...oh dear!
 The girls
The guys
Almost 43 years ago PH and I were just the two of us.  Now we are eleven and pretty darned proud of them all.


  1. Happiest of birthdays to you!! What a wonderful surprise and the greatest gift to have your family all along to celebrate. Love the concentrated sprinkle face, the attention to detail and the love and care must warm your heart to bursting. Sometimes families have their tensions but when the clouds break and the sun shines on you all it is so so precious. You and PH have a lot to be proud of and a great legacy going into the future.

  2. happy belated birthday Denice! what a great surprise!

  3. I am so sorry I am a bad blog reader and missed your birthday. Happy Birthday for the 28th.What a lovely cake Elizabeth made for you . You must be so proud of her. I would have loved to see your face when your son and his family walked in. How lovely for you
    Happy belated birthday

  4. Million years behind here Denise...........happy belated birthday my friend and it looks like the family sure did treat you to a wonderful is so special........