Sunday, January 22, 2017


When I was working in an elementary school library I fell in love with Lois Ehlert's books.  Intended for the preschooler in text, the illustrations are gorgeous for anyone.  I loved the simple lines and materials she chooses to illustrate her books.  All of her books are illustrated with only cut out paper
with very few exceptions and the exception is always something natural.  I decided when I retired that I would like to make a quilt and each square would be an illustration from one of her books.  After going to a book conference years ago and meeting her and having the time to really talk with her, I came away even more determined. But it's hard keeping up with her!
 I started at the library
 And then I went through each book looking for an image that I liked, no other requirement. It just had to be something I really liked.
 From Color Zoo I chose the goose.  It's a bird.  The lines are severe. It really speaks goose.
 Not finished yet, but here's my interpretation.  I am trying my best to stay with her colors but I'm also determined to use my stash.
 This is my favorite of all her books.  I love, love, love each page so decided to go with the cover.
 The nose is even a fussy cut strawberry.  Not finished yet, either.  The bird needs the popcorn.
 For Boo to You! I also chose the cover.
 Still have to finish the teeth.  In her illustration the teeth are pumpkin seeds. I used rick rack for the cat and fussy cut bright yellow flowers for the eyes. The nose IS a fussy cut cherry. The orange background is a deeper shade than it shows here.
 Nuts to You. Ugh, will I really be working a squirrel square?  They are getting more and more bold in the yard but I will do a page. Sigh.
 I chose this one. 
 I make a copy of the page so it's exactly to scale, trace the design onto white paper and then make the applique templates from the white page.  Then I go looking for fabric.
 I keep putting off this square but I'll do it soon because there is only one more that is waiting before choosing and prepping more.
 This one is also the cover of Top Cat and the process.  It's almost done.  Cat just needs a pupil for the eye.

This is Ms. Ehlert's newest book.  I saw it in the bookstore last week and this week the library had it. It's quite small so I decided it could be done quickly.  I'll cut the pieces today, I think.

The idea for this quilt is a slow process only because I'm making it slow.  It needs to be speeded up a bit with a little more attention paid.  I like to prep a page or two or three and keep it ready for when I go to a quilt group meeting.


  1. I remember you talking about this project. I can see why you were inspired by the illustrations, they are very appliqué friendly. Isn't it fun to play with small pieces of fabric and fuss to get the right colour. What are your plans for the quilt when finished? A wall hanging or a back of the couch throw?

  2. That is an amazing concept. Your love of books I envy. I am not a great reader.
    ( probably not what a teacher should say..) I'd rather do something more practical. So I love what your doing with your quilt.