Monday, September 23, 2013


Sometimes when I read blogs I can forget I am reading about real people instead of just the beautiful quilts or the luscious looking recipe on the page.  We ( I ) scroll down looking through patterns and quilts and read a recipe and then either comment like everyone else does about how nice or yummy the post looked.  The comments are not all that different or personal from each other and so we ( I ) can sometimes forget someone real posted the piece.  Someone who fights traffic to go to work every day or struggles with a teenager or whose car broke down or is sick or .... whatever. 
Sometimes we  ( I ) forget there is a lot of background noise in each other's lives because what we put out on these blog posts is usually something cheerful so we ( I ) forget there are layers to our lives.

This is a personal posting.  I thought about whether to do this, but I am doing it so you know I'm a real person with layers and issues.   And so is she.....

This is my mom.  She died today.


  1. Part of your heart feels empty and a sorrow is there as well but the happy memories can help you find a smile now and then. In friendship and prayers may you feel loving arms around you.

  2. So sorry to hear your Mum has passed today..........thinking of you.......big hugs from down under...........

  3. You were a great caregiver for your mom ... and a great model to your own kids for how to care for our elders when they need us. I love this photo--she sure has a twinkle in her eye!