Friday, September 6, 2013

Day 4

...of retirement, that is.  I've kind of been saying to myself,  "oh, yeah....that's right....!!"

One of my "ok, you have the time now" tasks is to get a handle on the projects I need to be working on, starting or finishing.

  This one was my first priority.  I wanted to get it finished and  layered so I can take it to quilt retreat in October and spend the four days working on quilting it.

The clothesline was full of shirts this morning so I found a low branch and pinned it to that.  Turned out nice, don't you think?  It's been YEARS in the making.  When you put a project down you do have to remember to pick it up again.  If I liked it enough to begin it, then I must like it enough to finish it.

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