Sunday, September 15, 2013

change of season

We went to one of Charlie's soccer games yesterday.  It was one of those perfect fall days that just begged you to go out into it. 

Ceci is such a happy little girl.  She managed to get Grandpa to share a book with her. It wasn't a hard sell as far as Grandpa was concerned.

 Michael is losing his black hair, he's  now 7 1/2 months old!  Crawls like he's in a race to the finish. But being number three, if he wants to do what the big kids are doing he has to keep up!
 Charlie is better now that his broken arm has healed.  You can see it didn't keep him down for long, though he thought 6 weeks healing time was ridiculous.

 My projects pile up.  There are four on this table.  Five if you count what's waiting on a chair ... no, six!  The stocking is for Michael, the trees are for retreat gifties, the small strip squares are waiting for a friend to come today to show me how to quilt as you go...they are scrap squares for learning on. The circle is a project in the planning.  On the chair are some pillow cases for the kids and the red on the far left is my red quilt from previous posts layered, pinned, bagged and waiting for retreat weekend.   I need to get my act together! 
    I titled this post 'change of season' because there is a distinct chill in the air...especially since the nights are getting really cold.  As in frost advisories.  Well,  I kind of have a pattern of not turning the heat on till October 1  and turning it off May 1.  We can always put a sweater on, though there are days when I should bend that rule a bit.  Like Friday, when Patient Husband used the turned off but still warm oven to warm his hands.  He stood there complaining he was freezing so he opened the door and rubbed his hands together over the residual heat from the cookies I just finished baking.  But look!  He is in his bare feet on a tile floor...of COURSE he was cold!!

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  1. you have been busy...and your grandies are all growing so quickly!