Thursday, June 17, 2010

popsicles and posts

Cathy over at Cabbage Quilts had a giveaway a couple of weeks ago and I won one of her totes! It arrived yesterday (during our popsicles on the porch) and immediately my daughter started eyeing it for herself! It's very cute and came with a tape measure and what I believe is a piece of silk? I don't know, if it isn't silk then it's the softest, lightest piece of fabric I've ever felt. Thank you, Cathy! It was my lucky day for sure!

It's the first week of summer vacation and the girls are planning weekly visits to keep me entertained. Here we are with popsicles on the porch. Ahhhh....

This is a pretty good picture of Adelaide's hair. It's ALWAYS that stickyuppy, downy soft, and we've tried several times to get a good shot of it. This one looks good!

My goodness it's a beautiful day today. The kind you'd write up a prescription for. Go out and enjoy your day!


  1. your bag is lovely.......Cathy does beautiful work........
    enjoy your perfect day we have a big fog here...........

  2. You lucky dog! Congratulations on the win. Lovely tote! Cute kids!

  3. love the hair and that popsicle looks delicious! lucky you to win one of cathy's bags! enjoy your summer.

  4. Love her hair ! What a sweetie . Lucky you winning such a nice bag, I'm having a little give away as well, pop over when you have time.
    Louise xx

  5. your adelaide's hair is adorable, reminds me of baby birds :) congrats on your win and enjoy the popsicles!