Friday, June 18, 2010

berries and peas

Aren't these tiger lilies gorgeous? They don't bloom till the 4th of July and yesterday none of these blossoms had opened, but we have a very hot and muggy day going on today and they just couldn't contain themselves. They had to show off.

I had to drive 30 miles today to find a spool of thread. Really. There is no place to buy a spool of thread in this city unless you consider WalMart's huge selection of black and white. So I did the drive and splurged on SIX spools! Anticipating some colors for Christine waiting patiently over there for me to uncover her and start stabbing away.
On the way home I stopped for some strawberries at the picking place I frequent and the owner told me if I wanted to go out in the field for the first of the RASPBERRIES, I was welcome to!(I'm there a LOT) Well, she didn't have to twist my arm!! My daughter and her troops are coming for Father's Day tomorrow and they'll devour these four pints before they put the car seated Adelaide down!Aren't they gorgeous? It was just what you'd want raspberry picking to be. Hot, sunny, a little humid, the berries practically jumping into my hand. There is nothing, absolutely nothing like a warm piece of fruit right from the plant onto the taste buds. THAT, my friends, is summer.

The peas are in, too. Yuck. But Patient Husband likes them, especially the fresh ones, and Elizabeth will eat these fresh out of her hand gladly. Her idea of a good time is to go out in the yard and eat basil or fennel fronds or lettuce right out of the ground. I have to admit these DO look good enough to eat, but not by me.

It is a very good summer day, even if I did have to drive for a 1/2 hour for a spool of thread.

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