Tuesday, June 11, 2024

The Days are Long, But the Years are Short

 This is a year of big changes, big growth leaps for the grands in our family.  Everyone is moving on, moving up, just plain growing up and nothing brings that into focus like graduations.  Just the word itself means change. 

When you are holding your newborn in your arms for the first time you aren't thinking of this day. But there is a something grandparents say to new parents, "don't blink." 

Because when you aren't paying attention, when you are living those long, tiring days, this day is suddenly upon you and you are bursting with pride and wiping the tears from your eyes at the same time.  
Charlie is our first grandchild.  That doesn't make the other four less significant but he put us on the map as grandparents and his firsts are all of ours.  
Our Ceci had her last dance recital last week.  She has opted to do the pom squad as she enters high school this fall.  She loved dance but the schedules aren't compatible and as she moves on to high school she wants to be a part of all that entails. No one can blame her for that!  As one leaves high school, the next one enters. And we know how fast this time will go.
And then there's this guy.  He's now done with elementary school and entering middle school. I fear middle school like I fear spiders but this guy and that smile, well...

This is all just this past weekend and just our son's family.  The locals here are having milestones for themselves, but that's later.  


  1. Your graduate, your dancer, and your to be middle schooler all look happy, and you look like proud grandparents. Those are happy days and what family is all about.

  2. Wonderful family times for you all.

  3. Time flys and it's lovely to be able to help the kids celebrate the mile stones.

  4. omg so many major milestones.............
    so exciting that you can be there with them.........