Monday, August 8, 2022

Beaches and Sunflowers

 Last Friday   PH and I went to the beach.  This was a  particular state park new to me and I think it's my new favorite.  Our state parks are tributes  to Michigan and the lake.  Our Great lakes outline  Michigan and define it in so many ways. You can easily find Michigan on a map of the U.S. because there it is, surrounded by big water.  You can't see across. The lakes are, in my mine, inland seas. Fresh water, no sharks, clean,  they are our pride.

We walked the pier and this was a long pier walk. It was a very hot day Friday and we felt every bit of the 95 degrees.  I show this photo  because it turned out PH was the  hit of the day on the beach, on the pier, in the parking lot, well - everywhere.  Do you see what's on his shirt?  It says, "Yes, Dear."  I had this shirt made for him many, many years ago.  I told him it was the correct response to everything.  But never has he gotten so many comments on it.  Old people sitting on the beach - husbands and wives, young girls in bikinis, men in the bar  where we stopped for lunch, young husbands, young wives, everywhere we went people passed him and commented on his shirt.  He said he felt like he was a chick magnet.
Just like our fruits and veggies, everything has its season.  While we are now eating corn on the cob and peaches August is also sunflowers.  Aren't these great?  A friend  brought them to me when  they came for dinner the other day.  She can always be counted on to bring a bouquet of sunflowers! I keep cutting the stems down as they start to droop so we can enjoy them as long as possible because the next season is chrysanthemums and apples/pears/pumpkins.


  1. Love the TShirt, and the sunflower is definitely a happy flower.

  2. So you weren't really at the beach you were at the lake......

  3. The sunflowers and the beach are beautiful. If I hadn't seen the lake with my own eyes I still wouldn't believe it. HA HA the T- shirt that's exactly what Bernie says to me and it annoys the crap out of me ....

  4. The lake looks amazing! Love the t shirt your hubby has, not surprised he got lots of comments. Beautiful sunflowers.