Thursday, March 3, 2022

A Finally Vacation

Our Brian and his daughter took the opportunity this week to have a finally vacation and have gone off to the Canary Islands escaping late February in England.  Now, PH and I would have loved England in February with Brian not to even imagine being in the Canary Islands at this time.  We were jealous.  Canary Islands?  Warm? Sunshine?  Other side of the world? 

After Brian knew this trip was finally really going to happen (several have been planned and cancelled during  these last two years) we were very jealous. Then I wondered, could there be a Canary, Michigan?  I found the Canary Bar and Grille about an hour from here and a plan was hatched.

I told Brian we would be at the Canary Bar on Wednesday, March 3 and at 5 p.m., would be raising our glasses to him and his daughter and thus join them in hearts and spirits (pun intended.)

We met our friends, and at 5 p.m. we raised our glasses and saluted Brian and his daughter. Immediately I sent the image to him.

and received this one at the same time we were saluting them. 

He also sent this one taken earlier in the day, which means they had a very nice head start on us!  

And it also means you can have a moment with anyone anytime anywhere.  And this makes the world even smaller.  

Cheers! (and hugs to you both)





  1. Fun way to join your son and grand daughter.

  2. Very special to be able to join together like that.

  3. That is such a nice story. A special way to connect.

  4. And I am ever so grateful that computers make it so. This means i can chat wit you.