Thursday, January 28, 2021


When you get to be my age birthday cake for breakfast is allowed.   Lunch, too.

 And then after spending most of the day - off and on - sewing butterflies to each other you can have an afternoon glass of wine, too.

Highlights of the week, besides today's chocolate cake for breakfast and lunch, was the zoom quilt -in Chooky arranged for my Monday, her Tuesday.  People from Australia, the U.S. and Germany moved off and on during the quilting but I stayed with them for a record (for me) five hours.  It was a wonderful visit and felt very close to an in person stitch retreat.  We sew, compare notes on how life is in our various corners of the earth and it comes down to this:  we aren't different at all.  

Another highlight was meeting up with Friend Laurie in a cozy little bookshop here in town, catching up with each other from stacks away from each other but visiting none the less.  We both purchased books that were surprise finds and parted ways.  I walked home in the sunshiny fresh snow blue sky cold but the afterglow of a nice visit with a good friend kept me warm.  I can't wait till we can sit for hours again in some cozy place over llooonnngggg lunches. 

We are still pretending to be patient for the vaccine.


  1. Happy Birthday! Looks to have been fun!

  2. Birthday cake for breakfast sounds like a great idea! I'll have to remember that next time around. Hope you had a great birthday!
    Oh, I used to meet up with a good friend in a local used bookstore that seemed to go on forever. Your story of meeting your friend in a bookstore reminded me of how much I miss those days. Glad you were able to have a "distanced" meet up and visit. I miss lunches with friends, too. Oh, I hope we can do those things again long before this year is over!!

  3. I think birthday cake for breakfast and lunch with a glass of wine too is well deserved. Good on you and happy birthday

  4. That cake looks delicious for breakfast and pleased you enjoyed a wine too.
    Lovely to have caught up with your friend..
    Sorry I missed the last Zoom meeting...

  5. happy birthday Denice...the cake and wine looks perfect......sounds like a good day........was great to catch up zoom sewing......and it was great you could stay for so long....

  6. Happy birthday, cake for breakfast is fun on your birthday. Your butterflies look lovely.

  7. I can't wait for long lunches and good times with friends face to face again as well. Chooky's meetings really are so nice, and I thoroughly enjoyed it as usual. I hope to see you there again with the next one.

    Those butterfly blocks are GORGEOUS! I love the variety of fabrics as I am a variety kind of girl. Remind me, are you the lady that does everything by hand?

  8. I know it's not your birthday but I did send you a message on the day (I think unless I messed up time zones.) and I want it recorded for history. Ha Ha!