Saturday, December 14, 2019

December days

'Tis the season where we gather around food with friends and we are no exception.  The baking, cooking and passing out of goodies - well, sometimes I need to press the pause button and just be the guest. 
     That's what made lunch with Friend Laurie so relaxing.  We took ourselves to a nice little spot in town and had something delicious for lunch and talked and talked.
 After lunch I showed off our new walking bridge that spans the river that runs through town and connects two parks, one brand new.  This is the new jewel in Lowell's crown.  On one side we have a new interpretive log cabin highlighting the fur trading that put Lowell on the map, new pickle ball courts, playground and concession building.  Just about all you can ask for until you walk this gorgeous pedestrian bridge across the river and find another park for soccer and ball games. 
 The Lowell Museum was gifted a beautiful doll house over 20 years in the making. 
 And sure enough, the room I liked best was the kitchen.  There are cookies in the oven, doughnuts on the butcher block table, aprons and cakes. 
 You could almost step into this house and make yourself comfortable.
 Last night along the riverfront, what I often refer to as Lowell's front porch, the city again hosted an evening with Santa.  For several years our daughter and son-in-law roasted chestnuts and sold paper cones of them.   I wish you could smell them.  
 This year the weather was perfect.  No rain, snow, freezing temperatures.  It was a perfect evening to come, meander, take your kids to see Santa, have a free hot dog, cookie and hot chocolate and enjoy what the city has to offer.   There is always something going on here and it's always just nice.
 The kids could hardly take a break from the chestnut crowd.  They barely had time to look up, and couldn't even offer samples to the people in line to see Santa.  They cooked and sold and I'll bet they came home smelling pretty good!
    Look at this crowd!  These people are all waiting to see Santa.  This riverfront walk is, as I said, Lowell's front porch.  This is where things happen, where people come together.  Next year the new Showboat will once again be the backdrop.

 It isn't always about food.  Sometimes it's about school programs.  Our Adelaide was part of the high school's musical revue.  Two days earlier Elizabeth's orchestra performed their concert. 

    And this little kitty is a gift from Friend Laurie.  She is into making itsy bitsy critters. She didn't know what I would do with it, but I think this is a pretty good spot for her.  She has a beautiful red velvet heart.  Maybe she will be a pin some days.
      I hope your December days are just as much fun and delicious as they can be.


  1. That bridge is AMAZING. I have never had chestnuts before but they look good. The museum looks like a wonderful place to venture to.

  2. Do you know I've never had chestnuts, either?! You captured our day beautifully (as always) and Adelaide looks like she's made for the stage ...

  3. I would love to be in Lowell at this time of year it looks so much fun and what a great new bridge.

  4. By the way the dolls house is amazing that tiny kitchen looks so real.