Saturday, December 29, 2018

Quilt talk

Finally, some quilty talk!  And now that Christmas is over I can show the fabrics I bought at Liberty of London while we were there.  If there is one single thing I regret about that wonderful trip to England it's that I didn't buy more of the fabric.  But, is that a surprise?  I quilt.  There is never enough and always regret for what was left behind.  While PH was so nice about finding a Husband Chair and letting me go, I also knew we had a time crunch and so didn't have hours and hours of browsing time. 

 I like blue.  It's the color that I gravitate to, even though I don't have lots of blue quilts, there is blue in all of them somewhere.  I chose these from the section the clerk told me was exclusive, meaning they won't be sold anywhere but at Liberty of London's store.  The clerk chose the peach to contrast and while I would never have "seen" it it works and I was happy with her advice. 
 The daisy on the right was the first bolt I chose.  LOVED it.  I wish I had yards of this one.
 This was a package of fat quarters in a separate room, the room with notions and kits and ribbons and scissors made in Sheffield.  As we were getting ready to check out, PH told me to go into this other room and choose a package of fats.  Again, I chose what would work with the blue.

 I don't know what I'm going to do with these treasures.  I wish I had more but I will do something that uses every single little snippet.  I'm still thinking.

Now then, on to this.  I saw it at a garage sale of someone I knew.  She hung it as a backdrop to hide the garage-y stuff behind it and I loved the colors (again, the blues) and asked her what she wanted for it.  She thought I was a bit crazy to want it and said $5 and didn't know why I wanted it.  I told her it was good for a cutter.
 You have to look close to see that it's not in great shape.
 There are patches that look like this
 Yet, some that looked like this, too.
 Some like this
And some salvageable. 

I'm going to sit with the seam ripper right now, I was saving the project just for a day like this: after Christmas, a day to binge watch the current season of Outlander that I've been recording, while PH watches football bowl games and basketball till midnight.  I'm going to take it apart and save the salvageable and then see what happens.  Not sure yet how much is going to be saved, but there will be something - table topper, wall hanging, runner...who knows?    And if you don't agree with what I'm going to do, I don't care.  I'm going to sign off now and take up the seam ripper, so it's too late! 


  1. The Liberty fabric is beautiful. Have fun with it. Good luck with your recycling task.

  2. Hi Denice happy New Year my friend. Oh i love your new purchases ,you will have fun with these and you have a big job ahead of you with the quilt ,but what a wonderful thing to do ,to bring it back to life,good luck Denice xx