Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sunday Quilts

 Early Sunday morning and all packed up and ready to go.  Today we had a date with our church festival to host another quilt show in the church.
 There wasn't room for an envelope in my car.  I neglected to take a picture of PH's car but it was basically the same. 
 We had well over 100 quilts in the two cars, ridin' low.
 My workbox and the signs, my cameras and more quilts.  It was a full load.  A few people brought their quilts to the church and it's a good thing!  I don't know how we would have fit them in!
 This is what we did today!  I had a lot of help setting up and I'm so grateful for all of it. Because of the helpers we were able to set this up in 30 minutes.  As I talked to people and got the promise of their treasures I realized that last year we had 105 quilts on display and this year we counted 137!  As I realized the number was growing I panicked a little wondering where to put them.  We hung some from the balcony, another person brought an A-frame rack that we folded some onto, and somehow it worked. 
It was truly beautiful and we hosted well over 500 people.  Everyone was thrilled to see the differences in antique quilts and new.  Color choices and styles.  Of course this completely transforms the church and the colors are phenomenal.  What a 4 hour thrill!


  1. Oh Denice, what a beautiful sight! Your church is so very picturesque and those quilts as you say add such vibrant colour! How wonderful that you had many hands to assist you on the day, I hope it wasn't tooo hot for you all.

  2. Well I am sure God would have had an even bigger smile than normal that day. How beautiful. What a wonderful safe place to display all those precious quilts. They say some handwork and sewing is a dying art but it always amazes me where all the closet quilters come from when there is a quilt show. I wish I was visiting on that Sunday....wonderful display.. Laugh at the cars ... hardly room for the driver ha ha ....