Thursday, June 29, 2017

Happy Scrappy

Now that the quilt show is over I couldn't put off this little chore any longer.  We all have scraps, right?  I think they divide and multiply while we sleep.  I had a big tub of them that I finally sorted by color one rainy day.  My intention was to sit at the dreaded sewing machine and make string blocks.  And I did. But the pile didn't go down one bit so I thought of sorting them into pieces that could be cut into 2 1/4 inch widths and sew them all together by color to make scrappy binding.  It did the trick.
  I know, I could have thought of more creative ways to use them, but my intention is to use them UP.  However that way might be. Whatever color I saw when I looked at them is the pile they were assigned to.  I do love a scrappy binding.
Sewn into strips of color with variations for interest I stood at the ironing board and ironed them in half  and
 rolled them up and now they're ready. Yes, I could have varied the color with them and I tried that but didn't like it so all green-ish, blue-ish, etc. are together and waiting.
 and the tub of scraps is considerably smaller.  I'll still tackle string blocks but it has to be raining first. Until then, I'm happy this little task is done. 

Sun is shining, birds are singing, it rained last night and below are some pictures of July


  1. the quilt show looked the flowers here.....goodluck with the scraps..........
    love your header it always makes me smile..........

  2. love all the flowers...great idea for scrappy bindings and string blocks....I'm trying to use up all my scraps I made from the splendid sampler quilt, making lots more small scrappy blocks and then I'll see what's leftover for something else.

  3. What a good way to use up your scraps and pre prep and storing them is an even better one. Love the photos