Saturday, July 5, 2014

This is summer

Fourth of July weekend started a few days early when the girls arrived for their weekly visit.  But Friday was the beginning of the real summer picking, and even though strawberries were a week or so ago and they are truly the beginning of the bounty, things start to overlap now.

We filled Friday dawn to night.  We arrived at an orchard nearby for cherries.
 For Adelaide, it's all about the ladder.  She informed us of the tricks she planned to perform on the ladder before we even arrived.  We found one, set it up and before we could hand her the bucket she was at the top.
 Elizabeth prefers staying on the ground and found a tree where she barely had to reach up for the best cherries.
 We all pick.  It's just the best part of summer

 While Grandpa and mommy went off to pay, the girls and I tested out the play equipment.
 Then we were off to test pick some raspberries.  This past brutal winter damaged a lot of the raspberry crop and this was the first official day to be able to pick.  We didn't get many, it was a test run.

 After naps Adelaide and daddy went down to the beach to gather wood for the evening campfire, set up the tent for their night on the beach and wait for the rest of us to come down for dinner.
 The girls don't like scorched hot dogs and it was a bit of a struggle to get Adelaide to eat hers but Elizabeth declared hers delicious.

 The debate between PH and SIL to go for a swim was decided
 Elizabeth was determined to make her own S'more every step from beginning to end
 and she did it with a cheer for her accomplishment
 Then it was time for sparklers

 and fireworks that daddy let off while we waited for the city fireworks diplay
 and after the city fireworks were finished way down the coast, PH and I climbed the stairs up the bluff and went home to bed.  It was a long, long day filled with summer from beginning to end.

I can't believe I had my camera out and didn't get one picture of our guests who were here for the 4th of July feast we put on every year, and this might be the last one!  My cousin was taking pics, maybe she will send some to me.

They all left this morning and we took a two hour nap.  They are on their way to party for the rest of the weekend at SIL's family cottage.  Phew!  To be that young again!

Today, PH and I are having a cookout with a neighbor and I was told to bring a simple dessert.  What better than chocolate covered cherries??

This is about as easy and tasty as it gets.  I melt Ghiradeli semi-sweet chips with a dab of shortening (for sheen) and then just dip them in.  You do need the stems on the cherries.  No, they aren't pitted.
Put them on a parchment covered cookie sheet in the fridge to set and voila!  Simple dessert!

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  1. looks like you had a fun filled weekend with family....oh bring on the summer, it's freezing here!