Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A new mystery

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Let me say upfront that the TV show Bones is my favorite.  I watch, record and re-watch each episode over and over.  It becomes my white noise as I go about my day.  But, gasp!  I have never read one of Kathy Reichs’ books featuring Temperance Brennan and upon which the show is based.   And let me assure you, I DO know the difference between a book and a movie or tv show based on a book.  They aren’t the same, they don’t even try to be the same.

OK, so just now I finished my first “Bones” book.  Bones Never Lie  by Kathy Reichs. I feel like I came late to the party and everyone is already in the know on the latest gossip and life stories of the other guests.  I don’t know what I expected.  It’s important when starting a new book series to start at the beginning, get to know the characters, watch them grow.

 I knew Book Temperance would be “different” that was for sure.  But I wasn’t expecting this different.  The book Brennan makes the TV Brennan seem like she’s still a work in progress.  TV Temperance  is like an evolving alien that needs to learn how this society works. She has tact issues,  but over the years her friends have helped temper her (no pun intended.)  Book Temperance reads more like a seasoned cop who doesn’t spend near as much time in the lab with bones.   The science is there, and we can be assured it’s correct.  The stereotypical detectives are there.  The ex is there.  And, thank goodness, the story is there.   I didn’t figure it out till near the end and in a mystery that’s important.  There’s a serial killer out there and the investigation moves from North Carolina to Montreal to Vermont and back I don’t want to give it away.  It’s too easy to get into the retelling of a mystery and spoil it so just be assured, this won’t be the last “Bones” book I read.

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