Monday, November 26, 2012

Thankful 25

Oh, dear.  I was humming along all day long cutting out the bazillion pieces of applique for the new baby's first quilt (due early February).  I cut out all the pieces for the barn.  I hummed along thinking "Oh, this is a good thankful day...I have the whole day to do this without stopping."  I sewed the bits and pieces of the barn together, ironed, it looked so nice.....until at 8 p.m. I held it up for  that  final  aaaahhhhh moment.  And I saw the mistake.  The upside down mistake.  The mistake that was inside all those pieces.  I looked and looked and looked to see if there was a way in without taking the whole thing apart.  And there wasn't. So, while I was thankful ALL DAY LONG for having the time, energy and opportunity to work on this, at 8 p.m. I sat down with the seam ripper and ripped it apart till 9 p.m.   So, what in all of this is there to be thankful for?  Well.....I'm not afraid of the project anymore.  I mean, how bad could anything else be?  And after I ripped it out, I laid the pieces on the table IN ORDER so tonight it will take just a half hour to put back together. 

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