Saturday, November 17, 2012

Thankful 17

Today was a hard one.  Hmmm....
     This morning there were 6 deer right outside our back door.  Four hanging around the clothesline, one just inches from the door, one in the field.  Is it ok to be thankful in this first full weekend of deer hunting season that they're still alive?   The other day when I came home as I drove around the curve, they were all hanging around the mailbox (probably checking to see if the package from Amazon came yet.) I told them if they hung close they might live through this hunting season.
     Is it ok to be thankful for the 2.5 hour nap?
     For yet another day of sunshine and warm enough to hang the clothes out?
     How about thankful I made the cookies I make every year - a tradition our grandma started by not letting a Thanksgiving or Christmas go by without them.
     How about being thankful Friend Marilyn's new grandson was born healthy?
     I guess today wasn't so hard after all.

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