Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day fun

Today is Mother's Day!  Happy Mother's Day to all of you and I hope at some time in this weekend you had the chance to be with your people. 

Yesterday my son and daughter-in-law hosted all of us at their house near the Detroit area.We started the morning at Charlie's soccer game.

He's 6 1/2 years of charm

Little Ceci was picking dandelions and marvelling at their beauty. My gosh, she's a cutie!

After the soccer game we all travelled to Detroit's Eastern Market.  This is a H U G E  market with I believe 8 buildings and outlots.  I've never seen such a place and this being Mother's Day weekend, the official start of flower buying, the place was jammed with flower vendors selling at amazingly inexpensive prices.  We bought flats, hanging baskets, hydrangeas, pots.  The buildings sold food.  We got asparagus, corn, onions and steaks to cook on the grill when we got home.  Wow.  It was amazing!
Elizabeth and Charlie were discussing these flowers and chose theirs for planting.

But in the end, the kids just want to be home where they can play.  Charlie and Ceci have a large climbing unit in their yard with a slide, ladders, rocks...all sorts of fun for the girls.  Wear them out so they'll sleep on the ride home!  I had to beg for one second from their play so grandma could get a picture of her girls.  Just one second!  It was grudgingly given.

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