Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Do what you love

     I work in an elementary school library. My job is to get kids excited about books. We talk about how books are made, the relationship of author and illustrator, the little bit that I know of publishing, books staying in print or going out of print. We look carefully at every picture, starting with the cover, looking at every picture even the end papers, and looking for clues about what a book will be about. Using voices when you read. I work very hard to put the newest and best in here for the kids because I want them to have the newest and best available to them.  Besides that, I love books and sharing that excitement.

   This young lady is one of the very excited readers.  She found at the public library this book on audio but she was very determined to also find the book in our school library so she could read and follow along with the audio version.  She said she likes to follow along but also she can hear how it's supposed to sound in her head.  She's one of the reasons I love this job.

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