Monday, February 21, 2011

Show and Tell

Something starting with "Y" is the Snappyfriends challenge this week and yellow came to mind. Everything around here is white right now....snow, snow, when I went with my daughter and the girls to the Children's Museum last week I was hit in the face with this brilliant yellow mosaic on the side of the building. I'm remiss in not knowing who the artist is and in not showing you the entire side of the building. Frankly, I had yellow on my mind. Either that or I was going to try to get Adelaide to 'yell' and capture that. She's all face when she starts the circus.
I've been in a self imposed/medical exile for the past six days and I had no more excuses but lots of deadlines for getting some children/baby quilts cut and boy did I get a lot accomplished.

This is an I Spy I made for Charlie - just the top, folks, one step at a time - it's a Piece O' Cake design and was in the Avalanche Publishing Co. 2009 calendar. I liked the look the minute I saw it and for over a year collected fabrics I liked. It was one of those pretty easy to assemble things, 3 inch squares, dark to light. I fished out the boy-ish ones for Charlie and have enough cut to do one for probably Adelaide next. I was never a big fan of I Spy quilts but I really liked this design and surprised myself on how much fun it was to find fabrics and now to look at it.

Just a few samples: He likes to fly a kite on the beach, is into airplanes and was a big Thomas the Tank Engine fan when he was little. The first book he bought at his school bookfair was Cat in the Hat (or was it Hop on Pop??) We have racoons living in our drainage ditch. When he was born his bedroom was decorated in farmyard theme...I could go on and on. This was surprisingly fun!

That yellow star on pale blue background is from a piece left from the very first baby quilt I made when he was just a month old. My Valentine for him is right next to it. We had to include sailboats because he loves to stand on the bluff and count boats out on the lake. He also was/is a pirate so there's a pirate ship.

This one I made for Patient Husband's cousin's daughter. She just had twin boys and I'm making two of the storybook quilts for her. I take those fabric storybooks and cut them apart and sash them for a storybook quilt. This one is a counting book. I'm in love with this one. These are very fun baby gifts.
First pages

Last pages - I found in my stash a small piece of boat/lighthouse fabric I must have won in a giveaway so I put a strip of boats along the bottom. These are pirates after all!
There is one more quilt for twin #2, but I didn't finish it today. It's sashed but not bordered. I ran out of steam. It will be done this week, and I'll show it to you later.
So! We are in the middle of another big storm, this one seems worse than the one in the beginning of the month, the one termed "storm of the century" because this one has lots of freezing rain and thousands of people are without power. We're lucky. But Patient Husband and I agree we're tired of the cold. We're tired of the snow. Winter is hard work.

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