Saturday, February 5, 2011

baked good bonus

Ok, so how many of you go to the bakery, come home and take pictures of your purchases? I love a good bakery. I'll bypass a fabric store for a small bakery. That might explain my waistline, too, come to think of it.
This morning, because we are in the city for the weekend, I went to this small, wonderful place called Nantucket Baking Company and bought some wonders.
There was a gentleman ahead of me who bought half of this loaf. So I bought the other half. It's a three cheese garlic bread and it's heaven on a plate and it's still warm.....can you smell it?

But these cookies are what I wanted. They are a big as a saucer chocolate cookie sprinkled with sea salt on the top. Inside is a dense, chocolatey, soft cookie with flax and sunflower seeds and oh, I don't know what else, and I don't care. I went back this morning specifically for these.
Then, I discovered they had Bundukie this morning!!! They have them every Saturday but I was made to understand you had to pre-order them. But no! Get there early enough and you get the best eating you'll ever put in your mouth. These are a Lithuanian national treasure. These particular babies just came out of the oven so she couldn't even put them in a bag without a little smoosh. They are a sweet dough filled with bacon and onion. Everything is better with bacon in it. In, over, under, around and through if you ask me. Add onion? Ahhhh...
If I were on my last meal of this life I'd choose these.

A Feast

The other night Friend Marilyn and I got together to trim and place the squares for the quilt we are making for Elizabeth's 4th birthday. We each made 8 outfits.

After trimming and placing them, this is the order we're going to go with. I brought home the bottom two rows, she is going to do the top two rows. We'll sash them and then put them together. This is the part I have to go do right now. We're on a roll and I don't want to break the momentum.


  1. If you've never had the cranberry walnut, try it! It's been a holiday staple here since we discovered the bakery years ago : ) In fact, the cheddar bread you pictured is our summer bread, toasted on the grill. Brent is addicted to the molasses cookies and I never go in without picking one up for him. I'm guessing you've tried the pizza? Our favs are chicken pesto and Greek spinach/feta. I have to be very, very careful when I walk in the door!

  2. What a cool idea for a quit. Hope you end it soon and share with us soon!