Monday, May 17, 2010

Shadows and paella and Provence quilt


Shadows! for Snappyfriends this week.

When we were in Florida last November I took a picture of my shadow and the pier reflected on the water. I thought it was pretty nifty!

We had the third wonderful weekend in a row! What are the odds? May is turning out to be beautiful in so many ways. The first weekend we were visiting my son and daughter-in-law and our Charlie. They live three hours from us so it's not as easy to be together. That was weekend #1.

Weekend #2, last weekend, Mother's Day was postponed with our daughter because the girls had colds. It allowed Patient Husband and I to have a very rare weekend at home with house chores and yard work. While that sounds too much like work, it did allow for a couple of very long naps. You know, the kind of nap where you have to put your tongue back in your mouth and wipe the drool off your cheek when you wake up. Dinners with friends and even if it did rain like crazy on Saturday it was just about perfect. Did I quilt? No. Was it a good chance for quilting? Yes. But the nap was just too necessary.

Weekend #3. Yesterday. Mother's Day revisited. My daughter, son -in-law and the girls came for the day. The weather was absolutely made to order for a day in the yard and a paella.


Adelaide thinks the leaves on the trees are pretty interesting

Elizabeth is exploring the "woods" - the scrub brush. She's very outdoorsy. She hikes and collects things on her walks. Feathers, rocks, bark, seeds, black walnuts.

I'm going to enter this quilt in the Blogger's Quilt Festival next week. I pieced it completely by hand and then it sat in a drawer for years. Years. I pulled it out last summer and it was my get-it-done project for the summer. Hand quilted. I love it. It's my blanky. I carry it around the house with me, my Provence quilt.

Many of the fabrics I brought home from France with me, some I bought home from Montreal where a shop keeper was making tablecloths and napkins and let me dig through his scrap pile!

The whites are the only 'quilting' fabric in the lot - except for the outside yellow, and so quilting it was VERY difficult. I broke so many needles I lost count.

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