Monday, May 24, 2010

Black and White! and baby birds

I was searching and searching for something black and white for this week's Snappyfriends challenge. And then I walked in the front door! This is my front door, and it smiles at me everytime I go in.

Directly to your left there is a wreath made out of twigs that houses a robin and her family every single year. I couldn't decide if it was the same robin because I didn't know till a couple of weeks ago that robins can live 14 years. For a few years I thought it was the same one because she wasn't afraid of Patient Husband and I. We could walk right up to her and she'd tell us everything was fine. But this is about the third year for this Mrs. Robin and she is very skittish. We now knock on the door as we LEAVE so she will fly off but not be startled. This brood is very close to being ready to go.

I DO clean the mud off the house when she leaves.

Now THIS nest is right next to the other door, the door we use constantly. This mother is skittish, too, and I remind her everytime I leave or come in that "We TOLD you this wasn't a good place, but did you listen? " And SHE comes back every year, too. Her babies just hatched Saturday morning. I got this picture before #3 was even out of the egg. Mother wasn't very happy with my photo session but my nifty new camera has a swivel screen and I could stand further away than usual. She scolded me loudly, though, for even being on the porch.

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  1. I didn't think of B&W things.........we all have different interpretations........cute babies too.........