Saturday, February 3, 2024

Five Became Two


OK, well, deadlines being what they are I did a little rearranging and my number five became number two just for peace of mind. 

At our retreat a time and a half ago we all gave a piece of fabric and if we had specifics we asked for it.
I asked for baskets and gave the green print with little flower circles on it.  I also asked that the background read white. 
I love the colors and creativity everyone chose 
Our deadline was to have our blocks composed, quilted and bound by our next retreat in April. Well, I didn't need nor want to invest the time into a larger quilt so chose a table runner.  I measured this against the dining room table and it fits exactly edge to edge.  I had a perfect viny/berry print for borders and just did it.  And yes, it isn't as wrinkled in person but right now the floor is a long way away. 

But my back is not cooperating with my life right now and so far I have just one square quilted.  Hoping for the best soon....


  1. What a lovely piece. Each block is so interesting and different, lots of ingenuity. The border is just right to accent the blocks.

  2. I hope you feel better soon! A table runner really was a great choice. I agree with you 100% that the colors they chose were so pretty.

  3. I too hope your back is better soon! Your table runner is beautiful, love the blocks and colours.

  4. I am also finding table runners a good option for a project. The baskets are very nice. I hope your back gets better soon

  5. Tha's a great idea and a lovely table runner.