Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Catching up

 It's been awhile and I've fallen behind in both posting and reading your posts.  I will catch up!

Last week, a week ago today we went to our favorite place for our quilt retreat.  The first in close to 2 years.  We go once in fall and once in spring but you all know what happened.  We were invited to come during the summer when we could be outdoors a bit more and get back into the swing of things, both for us and the innkeepers who haven't had any activity in all that time, too.  We also made the temporary change to go during the week instead of a long weekend.   This worked very well for all but one of our group and we missed her. 

This is a bit blurry - I am still grappling with using my camera or my phone and the photos are paying the price.  But here we are, Friends Nancy, Marilyn, Joyce, Barb, Jan and Sally, who by the way turned a big page on her calendar while we were together.
We had a very prolific show and tell because what else does a quilter do when locked in the house for 18 months? 
I didn't bring my finished quilts because I posted my finishes on the blog.  I brought three flimsies.  Barb challenged all of us to use this basket and do something, anything from one block to a king sized quilt but use the basket and bring the result to our first back together.  I didn't finish quilting this yet because it's quite far down the que and now I'm not sure I like it. 
Yesterday PH and I picked 7.6 pounds of blueberries.  Not enough for the year but a good start.  It was a gorgeous day that turned to be hot but there was no humidity so it didn't bother us. 

We finished off the day by going down to the river park to watch Elizabeth at her crew practice.  She is the one in the middle.  I had a fabulous photo that turned out to be a total blur when I got it - finally - to load on the computer.  I'm struggling with this photo thing lately.  But a blurry photo just means we go back next week and try again.
They go quite a way down the river, all the way to the curve at the top of the photo.

And this morning, before I had to figure out a way to fix the brand new expensive bird feeder the raccoons tore apart last night, I made a peach pie.

So, nothing exciting, just catching up with a post.  I'm continuing to quilt the granny square quilt I took to retreat and planning what to take for a project when we go back in September. 


  1. It must have been so good to catch up in person at your retreat. Blueberries. Yummo! Also peach pie. I bet it didn’t last long.

  2. Wonderful to catch up with your retreat friends. I love blueberries! I like your baskets.

  3. I've never seen blueberries growing before it must be nice to pick your own. You do make great pies and lovely quilts.

  4. So nice to have been able to go to retreat and catch up with all the ladies...
    The baskets are lovely ..
    Your pie does look yummy!