Sunday, October 11, 2020

weekend wonders


 This was probably the last of the most beautiful weekends of this fall.  The leaves are stunning and bright and yes, they are falling.  The weather was blue sky bright and sunny and not cold.

 So we spent the weekend with PH's brother and SIL, quilt buddy, Joyce at their cabin and helped rake leaves. I tried counting how many oak trees they have on their cabin property but gave up.

Joyce and I did the raking, the boys did the hauling to the dump

And we burned, and burned and
burned some more

The push was to make spring raking easier by getting the acorns picked up in the fall. You might think well, leave them for the squirrels or deer.  But no, when there are seven hundred trillion of them even the squirrels and deer can't keep up.
We worked really hard but the four of us got it done and were rewarded with wine, beer and a game or several of cards in the sun.
My reward was robbing the squirrels and deer of a bag full of acorns.  I have a crafty project in mind but I am also going to try eating them. A new thing to try.  Stay tuned. 


  1. Gotta love those acorns! Good job!

  2. Gee I am glad we don't have many deciduous trees around here, as I would never keep up with raking the leaves! Do you eat the acorns?

  3. Boy, you are more energetic than I am. You must have slept well that night. I just found a few of you comments in a new section for my blog. I'm sorry for not responding sooner. You comment now appears on my blog but I cannot reply to you directly. You asked about a pattern for my basket quilt. It is called Bygone Baskets and is sold at the Temecula Quilt Co. site. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment.
    Look forward to finding out what you do with those acorns.

  4. light work but a big job raking all those leaves......sounds like you had a nice time away.........the autumn colours are so pretty.........

  5. You guys did a great job, I saw the other day pigs just love acorns and will eat them till the cows come home so to speak . Ha Ha! May Joyce should get a pet pig.