Monday, January 28, 2013


     Today is my birthday and it's a snowday from school.  Who planned that!?? 
     This is a big number today.  I've been thinking and I decided there are two governmentally big birthdays.  Twenty one and 62.  Guess which one I am?   At 21 we're allowed to do things we couldn't before.  Like have a beer or glass of wine or something like that. We're also expected, I think, at least it happened to me, to know what we were going to do with ourselves.  We got away with a lot when our age ended in "teen" but suddenly at 21 I noticed the tone in people's voices changed and there was a new 'look' in their eyes.  Time to grow up.
    With this one the government says we can officially change our minds again and get away with it.  When I tell people I'm going to retire at the end of this school year, every single time I'm asked "what are you going to do then?"   And when I reply, "first thing I'm going to do is take a 6 month nap." THIS time they smile and nod and say, "good for you!"
      Our daughter had us over for a birthday dinner on Saturday night.  She knows I love Mexican food so she made a feast from Rick Bayless's Mexican Kitchen cookbook.  
It was every morsel a feast.  It was better than Thanksgiving! 
     We had Oaxacan Seared Cheese, Stuffed Peppers, Red Tomato Rice, Bistec Encebollado,
Crusty Griddle Baked Quesadillas, Rustic Baked Tamal (OMG was that good!!), and Red Mole Enchiladas.   And Margaritas that would curl your hair.  
And chocolate truffle cake from SarahBeth's Bakery cookbook. 
It WAS better than Thanksgiving!  Thanks again, Lisa!


  1. Well aren't you a lucky lady?! Congrats on your new milestone :) and you know I'm more than a little jealous!

  2. Happy Birthday Denice! Hope that you have a wonderful day doing stuff you love!