Sunday, May 1, 2011


It's trying so hard to be spring! the calendar says we better get along with it but the weather is still cold. Next weekend is Mother's Day -the occasion where mothers everywhere are presented with hanging baskets and the greenhouses are open for business...even if it too cold to actually put these beauties out in the yard. A little cold can't keep me away. Once the doors open, I'm there taking all of that color in. Patient Husband went along for the ride.

I bought just one flat of impatiens, one of alyssum and four packets of heirloom tomatoes. Enough for a chilly day. I'll harden them off on the porch and slowly plant them in the porch containers.

This little container of tomatoes was sitting on the checkout counter. It took me awhile to realize they were the tomatoes that have already ripened from the hanging baskets in the greenhouse. REAL tomatoes! I bought them and all the way home tried to figure out how to enjoy them the most. I decided on two sandwiches. Grilled cheese with tomatoes or BLT? Eeny meeny miney moe. Finally, as Patient Husband endured this banter, I decided I could have both! One for lunch and one for dinner!


Crusty peasant bread, asiago/rosemary cheese and brand new tomatoes. Delish.

But now I am going to spend the rest of the day quilting the second baby quilt for the twins. The first is finished...yay!

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